Published on: September 10, 2020

This guide will help you to get to grips with what’s what when it comes to protection.

We’ll cover the basics: what kind of protection policies are out there, what they are used for, and how they work.  I’ll also shed some light on the process for applying for cover and how you actually get it up and running.  

However, this guide won’t give you any advice relating to your own circumstances; it won’t tell you if you need cover, nor will it let you know how much cover to take out.  Everyone is different so if you need help in this area, you can contact us for personalised advice.

‘Protection – Getting to Grips with the Basics’ is ideal if you are beginning to look into your protection needs and are looking for some initial insights into the choices on offer to you.

We will cover topics including life cover (and its various types), critical illness cover, plus underwriting and premiums in relation to such policies.

Read all of Corryn Wild’s insights into life cover, and more, with our free-to-download PDF. Click here for the full guide.

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Updated: November 2020