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Utility Bills: Shop Around!

This could be a very profitable way to spend half a day. There is low-hanging fruit waiting for Utility customers willing to ask for better deals.

Spring Statement 2022

It has been two years since the first lockdown announcement and with COVID-19 restrictions reducing, the Chancellor may have been hoping for a more conventional Spring Statement. 

Tulip Mania

The beautiful Lambton Estate, where Three Counties calls its home, is ready to shake off winter.

Credit Cards: Use Wisely

Used well, credit cards can be incredibly valuable for their purchase protection benefits (I learned this when a family holiday was not paid for on a credit card to a firm that went out of business the day before we travelled) as well as their usefulness in smoothing out the more expensive periods of the …

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Russia/Ukraine Conflict and the Impact Upon Investment Markets

Mortgages: Check Your Rate

Mortgages: Check Your Rate

This is very likely to be your biggest outgoing and over time, your home will hopefully prove to be a profitable investment with the added bonus of countless happy family memories.

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