Webinar Invite: The Perils of Cash ISAs

Published on: September 9, 2020

Introducing a Three Counties exclusive ‘The Perils of Cash ISAs’ webinar on Wednesday 23rd September…

Join Three Counties’ own Andrew Alexander and Corryn Wild for our exclusive The Perils of Cash ISAs webinar, coming September 23rd, focusing on the concerns surrounding cash savings and, in particular, Cash ISAs. 

Until recently, we were simply surmising on the forward path; but now we know and now we can prepare. 

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If you have a Cash ISA, you simply cannot afford to miss this. 

When: Wednesday 23rd September at 10:30 AM – 11:15 AM BST
Where: Online with GoWebinar
How: Register using the link for event access

The webinar will follow the agenda below:

Cash ISAs – Where It All Started and the Demise of Tax-Free Interest

  • A History of Cash ISAs and Their Decreasing Returns

How the Current Economic Environment is Creating the Perfect Storm for Savers – Hitting Cash ISAs Hard

  • Low-Interest Rates
  • Rising Inflation
  • Market Dichotomy – Winners vs. Losers and Low-Growth Expectations

How Three Counties Portfolios are Preparing for the Storm

  • Inflation-Linked Bonds
  • Infrastructure
  • Gold
  • High-Growth Equities

What Are Your Options for Cash ISAs?
Financial planning tips to make the most of your cash ISAs:

  • ISA Transfer – Retain ISA Status
  • Exit Strategies – Keeping Your Growth Tax Free

Feel free to contact our Andrew or Corryn, or any of the Three Counties team in regards to the upcoming webinar, if you have any questions or specific queries in regards to Cash ISAs that you’d like advice on, or to be incorporated into the webinar.

Click here to register your interest in this webinar now.

This event is open to all so feel free to share this email with family, friends or anyone you think may be interested in hearing from our experts. Please note that there is a 100 person limit for this webinar and spaces will be allocated first-come, first-served so be quick!

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Updated: November 2020