SOLLA accreditation explained

Published on: April 19, 2023


SOLLA was established in 2008 as a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation to help people and their families find trusted accredited financial advisers who understand financial needs in later life. Advisers who can provide peace of mind and help you make the right financial choices for those all-important retirement years.

Achieving SOLLA accreditation is the established gold standard of later life financial advice.

You need careful, considered advice when looking at matters such as care funding or if equity release is right for you.  Which is why SOLLA accreditation is so important. SOLLA later life advisers specialise in the financial needs of older people.

Meet Corryn Wild

Here at Three Counties, we have our very own SOLLA accredited adviser, Director, Corryn Wild.  She is one of only a small number of advisers in North East England who have gained SOLLA accreditation.

Corryn’s experience allows her to use a wide range of skills and techniques to communicate effectively with older, more vulnerable clients so that they can make informed decisions about their finances.  SOLLA accreditation ensures Corryn’s advice goes beyond an academic knowledge of facts and figures, but also that she adheres to a strict code of practice and offers empathetic support and guidance.  

Corryn has over 14 years of experience as an independent financial adviser and is a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society (PFS). SOLLA accreditation reflects her ability, skills and knowledge and demonstrates her commitment to providing the highest level of tailored advice to each of her clients.

When speaking with Corryn about SOLLA accreditation means to her, this is what she had to say.

 “For me it’s about helping individuals and their families in a practical way, at a time when things can be changing very quickly for them.  Often people come to me to discuss paying for care, or dealing with the assets of a family member who can no longer manage their own finances.  Families need more than technical information and jargon, they need to understand their options and helped to make informed decisions. I can help people navigate the care system and identify any benefits they might be entitled to. Families supporting older relatives really appreciate having someone they can trust who understands the challenges they are facing.”

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