The MGTS Qualis Funds Launch

The MGTS Qualis Funds Launch

Published on: June 15, 2023

As financial advisers, we have been sharing common investment expertise with our sister organisation Three Counties since 2014.  We are now building on this expertise and experience to create a new company, GWA Asset Management Ltd (GWAAM).

In June, GWAAM launched the MGTS Qualis investment fund range, to improve the investment process for all GWA wealth management clients.

To celebrate this announcement and share more information about this new investment opportunity, GWAAM have recorded a video. It is hosted by John Coats, Partner of GWA and Chair of GWAAM and Andrew Alexander, Three Counties Head of Investments. Andrew is a Director and the Chief Investment Officer of GWAAM, and the fund manager of the MGTS Qualis funds.

John will outline the reasons for the creation of GWAAM and the launch of the MGTS Qualis funds. Andrew will explain more about the investment approach and philosophy for MGTS Qualis, the advantages of switching your investments to the new funds, and provide an update of today’s financial marketplace.

You can watch our launch video here –

The video is intended to be of general interest only and does not constitute advice, nor is it an offer for shares or invitation to apply for shares of the sub funds of the MGTS Qualis funds.  Nothing in the video should be construed as investment advice. Further to the establishment of GWA Asset Management Ltd (GWAAM), a wholly owned Greaves West & Ayre group business, GWAAM is launching the MGTS Qualis Fund range for GWA group clients.  John Coats, Partner of GWA & Chair of GWAAM and Andrew Alexander, GWAAM Chief Investment Officer & Fund Manager of the MGTS Qualis fund range, outline both the creation of GWAAM and the MGTS Qualis funds, along with how these will be used min combination to drive the efficiency and effectiveness of the existing GWA Group Investment Process.

GWAAM is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 960246)

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