Exits, Successions & Pensions

For business owners, years of time, energy and hard work go into getting their business off the ground and growing from strength to strength. But what about when you get to the stage where you want to think about retiring, or winding down?

This guide will provide you with a broad overview of the issues you may need to consider, and perhaps a few areas to start thinking about, as you begin to consider ways to exit your business.

Firstly, before you can leave your business, you need to consider the impact that your leaving will have on the business and the people left to run it. What skills do you have, which are vital to the business? Do you perform a role that nobody else can?

Another point for consideration is your shareholding if you have one. Is your company currently paying a dividend to shareholders? If it is, will this continue? Can the business afford to continue your dividends if you’re not also working in the business?

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